Whiskey Sours

Whiskey Sour
Whiskey, hmmm or is it bourbon? Whiskey has become the new buzz word in many food circles. Heck, I don’t even drink cocktails that often but during the holidays, I purchased whiskey and planned to celebrate all the “at home” time with a whiskey cocktail or bourbon on the rocks. Well, the best laid plans….never a drop of whiskey touched my lips.

Then it happened—the cold hit and caused a layer of dark days and gloom over all. Nights are spent in front of the fire and yes, over the weekend, it did involve whiskey. Before I digress too far, let’s define whiskey vs. bourbon.

All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. [Keep reading...]

Classic Wedge Salad with Parmesan Peppered Dressing

Wedge Salad Recipe
Even in the dead of winter, I long for a salad. Yet, all of those tender spring greens seem like a hazy dream.

This is the time of year when I make wedge salads for my wonderful hubby. He loves them (and truth be told, so do I.) [Keep reading...]

Turtle Candies

Turtles #1
My heart jumped a bit when I turned the calendar into February. Ah, yes…the month of love. It must be part of a divine plan that the month of love lands in the middle of cold and gray. A reason to celebrate is always welcomed in the midst of winter.

Love was truly a celebration during my college years but then my love boat crashed and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure I would ever celebrate Valentine’s day the same way again much less get my boat afloat. Alas, there is a happy ending. After many hits and misses, I met my true love on a commercial airplane (I gave up on boats!). Seat mates who became forever intertwined.

More than 24 years of love later, I thought I would see if my true love truly knew me well. I mentioned that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and that I would give him the acronym for what my heart desired. [Keep reading...]

Spiedini Alla Romano recipe

Spiedini Alla Romano photo

My family has a current guilty food passion right now. It really is ooey, gooey good so throw caution aside and dig in.

I love to buy and read cookbooks. I never have enough. Some books quickly become favorites, but Carmine’s Family Style Cookbook is one I will never forget. [Keep reading...]

Greek Style Chicken

Greek Chicken

Soups are no longer appealing as dinnertime choices since the weather in the midwest has been unseasonable warm and dry. The northeast part of the U.S. is preparing for the biggest snow storm ever and the midwest hasn’t received enough moisture to … [Keep reading...]

Hot Corn Dip Recipe

Hot Corn Dip Photo

January is a great time to snuggle in. Build a fire, turn on the television, work on a puzzle or play a game and just enjoy family time. Then, suddenly cabin fever hits and it seems it would be fun to plan a game night, movie night or watch a … [Keep reading...]

Beef Short Rib Ragu

Beef Short Rib Ragu

Recently I traveled to New York City with my cookbook book club. We rented an apartment, pretended we were in college once again and enjoyed many adventures in the city. As you might guess our days revolved around food and great restaurants, pastry … [Keep reading...]

Bean and Bacon Soup

Bean and Bacon Soup Photo

It’s cold. Really cold. The holiday rush is over, the decorations are stored away and I want to cocoon.  When cold winds howl, who doesn’t want to stay in and keep warm? On some nights, for me, that means cooking from what I have on hand and not … [Keep reading...]

Gougeres – Happy New Year

The Newlywed Cookbook

It is ever so hard to believe that we are ringing in a New Year already! 2015! Can you believe it? Let’s count on this year being the best yet and let's start counting our blessings, one by one. We have a blessing to announce today! Our … [Keep reading...]